Our spacious Live room, spanning 270 square feet, is available for hire and is ideal for band rehearsals, piano practice, teaching and songwriting sessions. It boasts excellent acoustics to ensure that your music sounds its best. The room is equipped with a range of professional equipment and instruments to support your rehearsals, including:

  • Steinway model B. A fantastic 6′ 11″ grand piano, regularly tuned and maintained by a steinway trained technician.
  • 16-channel mixer and PA system: Control and amplify your sound to achieve the perfect balance for your performances.
  • Guitar and bass amps: Experience the power and versatility of our amplifiers to bring out the best in your guitar and bass tones.
  • Microphones and mic stands: We provide a selection of high-quality microphones and sturdy mic stands.
  • Gretsch Catalina full drum kit.
  • Nord Stage keyboard.
  • Various guitars: Choose from a selection of guitars, including Stratocaster, Telecaster, Yamaha steel string, Ibanez steel string, Spanish guitar.
  • Paolo Soprani 120 Bass accordion.

To book our spacious Live room for your rehearsals or songwriting sessions, please contact us for availability and rates.